I'm LeeRoy Lewin, the "webmaster!"
My pronouns are he/they.
I'm an undergrad studying literature (I know...)

I've been doing this critic stuff for awhile.
I've also made some games, most of them alongside my good friend max

There are a lot of people who contributed to the 2020 showcase!
Shout out to Lotus, Narf, Max (same max), Saori, Sraƫka-Lillian, and Zim.

I'm open to collaboration and pitches and hosting folks finished writing...
I find editing fun and treat this site like a "resource"
but I'm broke as shit, so I'll just wistfully leave it like that.
Oh, by resource, I mean this site is for the serious analyasis and advocation of game making styles that arent yet present in the mainstream. So it'll help find things and make connections.

obligatory patreon plug